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Although wolves of interest to hunters occur in the Kormisosh State Forest, few hunters actually have success with wolves. Wolves are very intelligent and generally avoid being around people. Consequently, [...]
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Brown bears in Bulgaria are important native mammals. In the past their population has declined due to various factors, including habitat loss and hunting. However, efforts have been made to [...]
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Decades ago the mouflon was brought to Bulgaria from Central Europe with the intervention of Tsar Ferdinand. The conditions in Bulgaria have an excellent influence on the species and it [...]
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Red deer

Once you have seen and heard a magnificent red deer during the “roar” you will understand while for ages these extremely handsome large antlered deer were considered “the King’s deer” [...]
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Fallow deer

Palmate with many tines, the fallow deer stag’s antlers are considered by serious hunters to be the most and regal of all the world’s deer species. Pursued during the fall [...]
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Roebucks are acclaimed and accepted as the most beautiful Roe deer in the world. Their tall, massive and symmetrical antlers will provide you a truly awesome trophy which will most [...]
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The hunting of the chamois is interesting and emotional. It is carried out almost all day trough the wild goats in the open places – rocky terraces, meadows and scree. [...]
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Wild boar

Wild boar hunts have a special magic and the wild boar itself is perhaps the hunter’s perfect quarry. It is challenging, demands respect and can grow to an enormous size. [...]
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Meeting with capercaillie in the mountain is rare, despite their sustainable population. The easiest way to meet capercaillie in the wild nature is when he sings his mating chant. It [...]
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The Alpine ibex has a sturdy and stocky body with a length of up to 160 cm, an withers height of up to 1 m and a weight of up [...]
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