Photo hunting - Superb alternative to the classic hunt

With the help of the incredible adventurous experiences captured and preserved in photographs, photo hunting provides the opportunity to create fascinating photo narratives, resulting in joy not only to the photographer himself, but also to the good mood of the audience. The randomly captured candid shots, from the wildlife life cycle, are unique moments of luck/time/place having a masterpiece value. These masterpieces frequently gain fame after being shared with a wider audience and by participating in competitions, shared in wildlife publications or printed and picture hung. Simply create something beautiful.

Wildlife photography needs special equipment: hiking clothes (special camouflage for the season), shoes, repellents and of course, good equipment. Getting you as close as possible to the cherished hunting experience, we'll equip you with a special PHOTOSNIPER. The trophy then obtained, without even a gun shot, is so much different - alive and “sealed” in a photograph.

With the help of our hunting guides, novice photo hunters will be able to master the technology of the process, get close to the object and take excellent photos. You can find red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, mouflon, wild boar , wild goat, western capercaillie on the territory of the Kormisosh State Hunting Reserve. But also predators like brown bear, wolf, fox, marten, pine marten, badger, otter. With the help of the Photosniper, you can capture the great variety of wild and unspoiled nature of part of the Prespa section of the Western Rhodope mountains.

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