Decades ago the mouflon was brought to Bulgaria from Central Europe with the intervention of Tsar Ferdinand. The conditions in Bulgaria have an excellent influence on the species and it develops a good population. Populations are usually in the mountains. Often the mouflon is bred in intensive game farms, but in the Kormisosh State Forest Service it is also hunted in open areas.

The best time to get your hands on a magnificent looking mouflon trophy is in November during the mating season, which is a unique experience.

During the winter season, when the animals congregate in large herds around feeding grounds, they are successfully hunted with small transitions or in combination with a wild boar hunt from high ground.

The hunting method and manner practiced – individual by stalking and lurking.

Hunting period:

Male – year round;

Female – from 1 September to 31 January.


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Photography: Eng. Tsvetomir Tsolov

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